Sponsors, Friends and Partners

xmas lunchThis research is funded by AHRC Northern Bridge. To find out more about the programme and partners, please see: http://www.northernbridge.ac.uk.

I am incredibly grateful for ongoing support from my supervisors Professor Douglas Davies and Professor Gerard Loughlin, my many friends in the Department of Theology and Religion, St. Chad’s College, and course to my wonderful research partners, Crook Hall and Gardens, Durham Cathedral, staff, pupils and parents at Neville’s Cross Primary School, North Tyneside Council, and all those who contribute to the ‘Make Christmas Special’ programme. I also want to thank founder of Community Christmas, Caroline Billington, and creator of Elf for Christmas, Sarah Greenwell for their support and involvement.

A loud Christmassy shout out must also go to all the many friends and colleagues who have given their wise counsel as this project has developed and put up with my insatiable thirst to talk about Christmas things all year round(!) – not least my family, who have not only forgone their own family Christmas in aid of this project, but have already given of their time, energy and support in ways which are impossible to adequately quantify.