Meet Gelf

Giggling gelfIt looks like Father Christmas is not the only one coming to town this Christmas. This year, Gelf the Elf is making an appearance!

Like many Christmas elves, it’s her very first time away from the North Pole. She’s a little bit nervous, but very excited to meet lots of children and grown ups and to find out more about what Christmas means to them. Like me, she has lots of questions and is really curious to know what it feels like to celebrate Christmas in Britain, and especially here in the North East.

This is the story of how Gelf came to be my research assistant for this project:

Once upon a time, there was a little elf, named Gelf.

She dreamed and dreamed that one day she’d arrive on a little girl’s shelf.

A happier little Christmas elf the North Pole had never seen.

She loved to play with snowflakes, and paint toys with extra sheen.

Christmas after Christmas, she displayed bounteous Christmas mirth,Gelf on Globe

But sadly Father Christmas somehow failed to see her worth.

Last Christmas though was different.

Gelf decided then and there;

If Christmas magic was to spread,

She’d have to visit anthropologists instead.

 So a shelf she did arrive on,

But not a little girl’s.

As by now you may have guessed,

She decided mine would be the best.

So true to the story, Gelf has now made her long journey from the North Pole to the North East. Soon after arriving here, she joined me at Durham University as my research assistant and will be travelling around with me as I explore what people get up to in the North East this Christmas.

When she’s not studying Christmas….

Gelf enjoys giggling, painting new toys, chasing magic dust, playing with snowflakes, wrapping presents, dancing with her friends, reading stories, snowball fights, making occasional mischief and generally spreading Christmas cheer.

Real Magic GelfLike many elves, Gelf loves receiving letters. If you would like to write Gelf a message, you can:

Leave a message in the comment box below

Tweet her @MyElfGelf

Email us at 

Write to her in person at our University address:                                                                     Dpt. of Theology and Religion | Abbey House | Palace Green | Durham | DH1 3RS

You can follow Gelf The Elf’s progress on Twitter @MyElfGelf

Meanwhile, some of her friends can be found at                                          or followed on @elfforchristmas 

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