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JournalsAnthropologists have been ‘logging’ field notes in journals for years as a way of documenting their work with people. These notes are then used to help write up the final piece of research in a special form of writing usually referred to as ‘ethnography’. Gelf and I have of course been writing our own field notes, alongside our online b-log which can be read on the home page of this website, or followed on social media.

However, we thought it might also be a fun idea to get everyone doing a bit of their own  logging. This way we can compare notes and see where our observations might match up!

Gelf the Elf and I want to thank everyone who has so kindly taken the time to share their Christmas experiences with us. We have really enjoyed reading all of your reflections and are pleased to report that we received over 70 responses to our online questionnaire. It has been great to hear from so many different voices, and we have tried our best to incorporate these perspectives into our thinking as we have come to think  more about the themes we might choose to focus on in our PhD.

Now that we are in the final stages of writing up our project, our ‘Christmas journal’ is now sadly closed for responses. However, if you would still like to share some of your personal experiences, artwork or photos, please feel free to leave your comment below, or by get in touch with us directly at: lucinda.a.murphy@durham.ac.uk 

You may find some useful prompts for reflection in the ‘Explore the Themes’ section of this website. 

You can also join the conversation and follow our progress on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #TheFestiveLog

Christmas Journal 6 

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